Talent Submission Guidelines

Michael J. Ferruzza*, Creator and Managing Director of The Creative Talent Workshop,

 is pleased to announce the opening of The Creative Talent Workshop Casting Service.

We will be providing talent for on camera and print to clients all across the Midwest.

We will market talent for jobs in TV commercials, training films, television and film projects.

We will provide talent for photography, brochures, magazine and newspaper advertising.

And we would like to you to join us so we may list you with our service.

 The Creative Talent Workshop started in 1991.

We have trained and helped new talent in all fields of the entertainment industry.

We have placed 1000s of talent with talent agents and managers,

taught workshops in preparing new and experienced talent,

as well as casting commercial projects for 100s of advertising clients.

 We have the resources and contacts to open our own casting office.




And now we would like you to join our service as a Creative Talent Workshop Talent.

We are currently taking submissions for new talent.

Our submission policy and service:

We have found the best way to promote our talent is online through our web page.

Your headshot will be listed on a general categorized page

ie.. Females, Males, Children, Teens and kids.

Upon clicking your picture, the client will come to an

online resume created and maintained by us for you.

Your online resume will include up to 4 pictures, your stats, credits, and will

denote whether you can do print, act, voiceovers, or use an ear prompter.

Your resume will be updated for 1 year after you initially register

with The Creative Talent Workshop Casting Service.


We will not accept stacks of outdated pictures or comp cards.

We must also have a current phone number or address on you.

 And it is important to keep these current.

If you are called for an audition or a job, we ask that you be professional and

adhere to correct call times and procedures

 ie.. if asked to memorize a script before an audition...
that script MUST be memorized.

Our fees: To list new talent and create your talent resume page,
we charge an initial registration fee of $150. Non-refundable.

This is cheaper and now more effective than paying for

stacks and stacks of non-current pictures and

comp cards (with some agency's name on it) saving you

hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

 Note: Currently Talent Agents in the area can create a web page for you and

charge you anywhere between $200-$600.


You must provide pictures, stats and credits.

For an example of
a Creative Talent Workshop page:

To Join

Send your current pictures
and/or resume to:

Creative Talent Workshop

attn: New Talent Dept.
 Box 30472
Indianapolis, IN

 Please include your registration check for $150

made out to The Creative Talent Workshop

Why start missing out on the work available to you?

For more information

email us: Email us: Click here

or call 317-466-4100


*Michael J. Ferruzza, owner and managing director of
the Creative Talent Workshop Casting Service,
 has been a professional actor/writer/director for 40 years.
He has over 1500 professional credits in theater, TV,
Film, radio, voice and commercial work.
 He is an accredited talent manager and acting coach.
He has worked with Helen Wells, Act 1 Talent Agency,
Artisitic Indy, Linda Jack, Grossman/Jack,
 Creative Artists and many professional talent agencies as
a working talent and also providing talent resources.
He has cast talent for CBS, Fox, ABC, and the Discovery Channel.
He has helped cast talent for 100s of commercials and training films.
He is expanding the Creative Talent Workshop after
16 years of success marketing new and experienced talent.
He has the connections and drive to find and get you work.