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Professional talent counselor on call. Phone consultation!

MJ Ferruzza


There MAY come a time when you need to
discuss immediate personal or confidential
information AFFECTING your life, your goals
Now you can get all that with
A PERSONAL &  private,
ONE ON ONE, LIVE phone consultation

It is like having your own
personal acting coach,
talent counselor
, mentor  & friend on call for you!


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Professional talent counselor on call. Phone consultation!


I am a professional actor/writer/director and producer
with over 1500 professional TV/Film/Radio credits.
I am also an accredited talent counselor and acting coach.
I have helped thousands of talented individuals establish
professional careers in the acting & modeling industry.
My successful program,
The Creative Talent Workshop Network
(established 1981), has been recognized by TV production and
film companies, union franchised talent agencies, national
casting offices, colleges & universities across the US.
I speak extensively throughout the year on the topic of
starting a career in entertainment!
  I can help any new
 or established talent put their career in overdrive. 
I have the resources and information to help your career.
Note: Parents interested in getting the straight talk
 about children interested in acting...this is the right place.
All calls are confidential and tailored to you.
I look forward to working with you.


I have counseled new and experienced
talent all over the country
covering a variety of issues including:

Career Advice

* Talent Agents, Agencies and Managers
Headshots, Comp Cards & Portfolios
* The 1-2-3 Steps of Auditions
The Business of Show Business
* The Dos and Don'ts of Marketing Your Career
How to Succeed When Others Tell You "No!"
* Current Trends
Build Your Self Esteem
* Get Your Focus Back
The Cycles of a Career


Be sure to ask about the Creative Talent Workshop Guide:
"How to Start a Successful Career in the Entertainment Industry!"

A Creative Talent Workshop Phone Consultation
 might just be the best investment you can make for your career.
Phone rates apply